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Currently, it's 9:08 pm Fri Feb 24 2017 in beautiful Miami-Dade County, Florida

Open Thread Tj

Well? - That was......weird - wasn't it?

UPDATE! - Oscar uploaded pics of the crew from last night and one of Wyatt's vile new nemesis - shall we call her "Bonefish"?

Just back from tonight's FDOT meeting and without a doubt it was NOT what people expected. First though, my sincere thanks to all who came out - there is no doubt that we had more people there than the Village and we DEFINITELY made a statement that we value the area - that we have not "gone away" - we're watching to make sure promises are kept.

Alright, what was strange is that right out of the block the Village got to make a long presentation - FDOT really didn't even speak or layout the options that were being promoted for operation of the parking lot. So, what became clear was that Bal Harbour absolutely did not want the lots open between the hours of 10pm and 6am. We on the other hand did not want any type of daytime permit parking requirements. The problem was we both kinda agreed with each other but essentially we weren't talking about the same problem.

This left most of us scratching our heads and saying "what are we arguing about"? Of course there were some folks from Bal Harbour (I'm sure the comments will have the stories) that were just so.....out there and discriminatory. To our benefit those elitist statements are now part of the public record which is a big benefit for us should we have problems in the future.

I was talking with a friend after the meeting and we realized that this all came down to trust. That becuase of what happened there and the egregiousness of their ambivalence that it was any big deal, it has left us and other stakeholders completely distrustful of intentions. That was the real message tonight - the wound has not healed. Until some level of trust returns, operational plans for those parking lots are going to need to be put forth in writing. More so, what was provided in writing was not at alll the agenda for the evening and that was quite annoying.

Anyhoo - again my heartfelt thanks to everyone who showed up tonight. Don't fool yourself that your presence didn't doing anything just becuase the night was confusing and to some extent boring. As the old saying goes "just showing up is 50% of the battle". We did very, very well tonight and all should be proud of the efforts they made.

Open Thread Tj

TODAY is D-Day with Bal Harbour

VIGILANT - to keep watch - stay awake - to avoid danger. (syn. Watchman or Guard)

SURFRIDER - Keepers of the coast; protecting oceans, waves & beaches for everyone.


FDOT Public Meeting

Parking Lots under Baker's Haulover Bridge

Gwen Margolis Comm. Center, 1590 NE 123rd Street, North Miami, FL

(Click address above for map to location)

The threat we face tonight is the possibility that they may alter daytime access to "permits only" for 40 of the 60 spaces under the bridge. Read the last official letter FDOT sent and you'll see that "Optiton 2" is completely unacceptable. This goes to show that it is important to remain vigilant not just with this access location but all areas that we value for surfing and just plain getting outdoors. What legacy do we leave to those who come after us? For you parents - what legacy do you leave for your kids? I encourage you to find the fulfillment of taking action - making a stand - heck bring the kids! This is YOUR state land at risk of being taking from you - be vigilant in protecting it.

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SWEEEEEEET!!! Now it's time to fight in Bal Harbour!!!!

UPDATE on the Bal Harbour Fight! I figured if I laid it all on the line and went in looking super pisssed off it might help. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

Wooooooooohooooooooo!!!!! Bertha delivers the goods! Soooooo pumped with surf stoke, can't wait till that Town Hall Meeting Tuesday night to let it come pouring out! Decided to cut up to South Hutchinson Island with the wifey for a 9th Anniversary weekend and SCORED! Did anyone expect those offshores to last ALL weekend? Friggin amazing!!!!

Behind the hotel was weak and small but goofable for some fun - yet rollin up the road to hit Ft. Pierce Inlet and glad I stopped in at an ole' secret spot I've been going to since High School (and has changed ALOT with County facility upgrades and Frances/Jeanne impacts). Could not believe the OH sets coming in for only a couple miles up the road! Knew I got totally lucky with the "instinct stop" when I heard the the locals in the water thanking each other for the coconut tele call "Ft. Pierce is NOT the spot for this swell".

Did I metion it was CLEAN - like SUPER CLEAN! Pete's pic is spot on! Alright - now it's time to be thankful for the surf and do our part to ensure others can have places to surf in the future. Yeah DAT right y'all know the wave droughts we been through, time to give back to keep the good times rollin - REPRESENT!

Here's the DEALEO, FDOT has called a public Meeting for TOMORROW - Tuesday, July 15th - 7-9pm @ the Gwen Margolis Community Center - 15590 NE 123rd St. North Miami. They're thinking of making the entire parking lot under the Baker's Haulover Bridge permit parking only! This is SERIOUS SHIT - Show some fight in you dog!

Forecast Tj

Da Bertha Update & Surfrider Throwin Down!

Alright, Bertha is moving parallel to Grand Bahama and still a Category 1 -so that's good.  Problem is the Quikscat is in the blackout zone and can't get a decent view of what the wind fetch angle, length and speed looks like - bummer.  Fortunately for me it's the 9th wedding anniversary with the wifey tomorrow and she wants to get away from Miami - "would upcoast be ok dear??????"  :)

Alrighty, Part Deux to this post is if you can find away to try and score waves from Bertha - you can find a way to be at the FDOT meeting Tuesday night.  I got 2 years of my life invested into fightin for beach access in Bal Harbour (special place for me after the solo session score the mornin of Hurricane Jeanne) I'll fer sure be there.  Need back up though or it's all for not - check out the Evite and commit to savin a wave  - for all to enjoy!

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