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Currently, it's 1:59 pm Tue Sep 26 2017 in beautiful Miami-Dade County, Florida

Hurricane Lee

Updated: 10am EST Tue Sep 26 2017
Wind: 103 MPH | Location: 29.9N 53.7W | Movement: W
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Hurricane Maria

Updated: 10am EST Tue Sep 26 2017
Wind: 74 MPH | Location: 33.6N 73.1W | Movement: N
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Forecast Tj

Gustav on track to be a MAJOR Hurricane

UPDATE - Pete and Cpick nailing the forecast in the thread - check it out!

Alright little rant here:

I'm not too into this Presidential campaign, been more annoyed with McCain's BS about offshore drilling doing anything to help fuel prices but that's about it. Anyway, was coming home from the gun range last night from a little target practice and it dawned on me "tonight the first black man ever is going to be nominated to run for President of the United States". Being a bit of a history nut, hell studied history and politics for 4 years in undergrad I sensed watching that speech would be watching history, something I would reflect on when I'm old, gray and wondering how this crazy world has changed so fast; kinda like my Grandma's been doin while I've been sitting with her in the hospital these past couple days.

Well, for those who watched Obama's speech it was worth it, the dude can speak. That they had the foresight to schedule it on the 45th Anniversary of MLK's 'I have a Dream' speech, shows just how organized and together that campagin is. I was blown away that almost 90,000 people made the trip to Denver, crammed that stadium tighter than a Broncos AFC Championship game AND were stoked to do it, to watch history! Whether he wins or loses, the dude gets props from me.


POST 8/27 - Yo-Yo, need everyone to get on it with this Offshore Drilling nonsense. I kid you not, this thing is moving fast, in 13 days Congress takes this up and votes shortly after. Click the pic to do something about it. MOST IMPORTANTLY, if you own a business or know somebody who owns a business - ask them to join our Business Sign-On letter about drilling.

Back to your regularly scheduled GUSTAV coverage:

The NHS discussion for 5pm the 27th has Gustav on a similar track but is starting to throw out the idea that in 5 days the ridge over Florida holding Gustav souoth of Cuba will weaken. That adds a host of issues to the equation on where Gustav goes, they primarily note his forward speed will slow - that happens over Cuba he gets torn apart - over water he most likely strengthens. More importantly, that leaves a TON of guesstimation on where Gustav goes after 5 days. Anybody with better sense of what patterns are developing in the Jet Stream to bring a weak front or something of that nature through and kick this Florida's way - please chime in

Post from 5/25/08

Folks who've seen these Yucatan Channel storms know the current through there is like rocket fuel for storms when the upper atmosphere conditions are favorable. Good ole shrimpcreole who moved to the Panhandle should score good if Gustav tracks as predicted, that 4kt north Yucatan current also throws a swell like an aircraft carrier catapults jets - we'll see.

Oh and of course no f'n drilling off Florida's coast - wouldn't even be an issue if it weren't an election year - wedge issue politics suck! www.dontrigflorida.org - site rocks!


Open Thread wyatt


ARGUEMENT: Offshore Drilling in Florida will lower our gas prices.

FACT: Alaska produces BY FAR the most oil of any state and has the HIGHEST PUMP PRICES IN THE US

Now what you gonna say? Make our beaches more of a mess and for what?

Answer please? I didn't think so! 

Plug Pete


Small leftovers today, hope you got the goods the past two days.  Right now Fay skirting the coast. Likelihood of kickback swell extremely low given the current track (hugging too close to land before it recurves back into N Fla). We won't get enough fetch save for a small area of NE winds from Georgia to Flagler Beach. It was the awesome potential setup but lo and behold, it just wasn't meant to be.

This weekend should hold leftovers up the road but with the storm tracking back inland the wind is forecast to be onshore.

Further out at about 120 hrs out there will be a backround swell hitting upcoast at around 3-5 ft at 10-12 sec out of the E/SE

Great movie event last night in Ft Laudy, Shaun Tomson is a class act and an inspiration. Few Dade countyers made it save for Lance-O and a few Haulover locals.  The movie runs thru next Thursday and is not to be missed . It truly is one of the best Surfumentaries ever done. The sight of MR , Shaun, Rabbit , Ian and the rest of the Bronzed Aussie Movement was rad at the time. The just blew up The North shore.  Their style and flow is and will always be timeless.  Check the las Olas movie theatre for show times. I particularly like what Shaun mentioned about Surfrider " Its not enough to just go out and Surf". Get involved and make a difference. The world over communities of surfers are tackling issues and making a difference.

Plug tc

Bustin' Down the Door

So if you follow the surf world, you probably know about Bustin' Down the Door, "The ground breaking action packed story takes a look at a dramatic moment in history when a group of young South African and Australian surfers put their lives on the line for a dream and changed their sport forever - for more information and the trailer - http://www.bustindownthedoor.com" SO I wasn't going to say anything about it, since it is well advertised, but in case you didn't know, Shaun Tomson is touring with the film and has a couple of showings in South Florida. Shaun is a good guy that is really stoked about this film (he personally emailed me the info). Anyway, I've heard great things about the film, and hope to see it my self soon.

8/15 Melbourne Premiere Theatres Oaks - Shaun Tomson, PT 7:15
1800 West Hibiscus Blvd,
Melbourne, FL, 32901

8/16 Jacksonville Regal Beach Blvd - Shaun Tomson, PT 7.00
14051 Beach Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32250

8/17 Daytona Beach RC Cinemas Ocean Walk - Shaun Tomson 7:30
250 N. Atlantic Ave. Suite 300
Daytona Beach, FL 32118

8/18 West Palm Beach Regal Del Rey Beach - Shaun Tomson 8:05
1660 S. Federal Hwy.
Delray Beach, FL 33483

8/19 Ft. Lauderdale Sunrise Cinemas Las Olas Stadium 15 - Shaun Tomson 7:40
300 SW First Avenue
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301

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from: Tue 26 Sep 17 01:00 pm
Spot st. augustine
canaveral east
ft. pierce
lake worth
fowey rocks
Wed 19 Feb 14 07:00 am
Observation is 31565 hours old
Tue 26 Sep 17 01:00 pm
Tue 26 Sep 17 01:00 pm
Tue 26 Sep 17 01:00 pm
Tue 26 Sep 17 01:00 pm
Tue 26 Sep 17 01:00 pm
Wind ----NW (320)
@ 9.8 kt
NW (310)
@ 11.8 kt
n/a (n/a)
@ -- kt
N (20)
@ 4.1 kt
SE (150)
@ 21.2 kt
Atmp/SST ----80.8 F/84.2 Fn/a F/n/a Fn/a F/83.7 F86.2 F/84.7 F80.8 F/84.9 F
Significant Waves --------5.9 ft @ 13 sec----
Wind Waves ----1.3 ft @ 3.7 sec3 ft @ 5.6 sec3.9 ft @ 9.9 sec----
Swell ----6.6 ft @ 11.4 sec6.2 ft @ 11.4 sec4.3 ft @ 12.5 sec----
Synopsis: .... long period northeasterly swell from distant hurricane jose will continue to filter into the local atlantic waters keeping cautionary conditions in the waters off palm beach county into thursday. the wind will gradually increase out of the east on thursday and become turn more northeast or northerly by this weekend. .gulf stream hazards...long period northeasterly swell will bring seas up to 6 feet off palm beach county. the approximate location of the west wall of the gulf stream as of sep 19, 2017 at 1200 utc... 7 nautical miles southeast of fowey rocks. 13 nautical miles southeast of port everglades. 6 nautical miles east of lake worth. 9 nautical miles east southeast of jupiter inlet. this data courtesy of the naval oceanographic office.
__/(__/(__/(__( rest of tonight thursday thursday night friday


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