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Currently, it's 11:32 pm Mon May 29 2017 in beautiful Miami-Dade County, Florida

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Why no Outrage!!! -- I'll never fly Spirit after this.

As most of you know, the price of gas has caused some of our politicans to embrace strange policies - like offshore drilling. The Herald nailed it today with an Op Ed piece on how this whole big Offshore Drilling ta-do is just a bunch of political theatre. Sad part is the friggin folks who let gas prices get so out of control just might get to drill oil wells as close as 50 miles off our beaches and turn our coastal waters to junk because folks are so freaked out by gas prices. Now, Spirit Airlines comes along with this pathetic ad:

We've talked previously on this site how Spirit suckers people in with these outrageously cheap fares then tags the sh*t out of you with fees and then loses or damages your boards - but really - What the F*ck is! They're promoting getting you to a destination cheap, to which they're proud for shitting on the environment to make happen? F'n pathetic!

UPDATE: This link will take you to the US Coast Guard report about the oil spills releated to Hurricanes Rita & Katrina, pertinent pages are 7 & 8.

MORE FACTS on how dirty Offshore Drilling is to the coastal environment.

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Paybacks are a b*tch!

WCI files for Chapter 11

Quoting my favortie Samuel L. Jackson line from 'A Time to Kill' -

I'm glad they're dead and I hope they burn in Hell!!!!!

Plug wyatt



The City of Miami Beach does nothing to enforce litter laws, organizations give out educational material to kids in schools and on the beaches at beach cleanups. Beach cleanups are done year round to set an example and STILL the beaches are filthier than ever. TC and I started the South Florida Chapter of Surfrider Foundation when I bitched on the old SURF INFO and TC contacted me to do something. Well we have tried over and over but the problem only gets worse. Why? 


NO RESPECT for the coastal environment, surfers or others. Locals from Miami-Dade County come to our beaches and trash it. They laugh at us locals that tell them to clean up after themselves. I am here to say that this MUST STOP! Come to the Surfrider meeting tomorrow night 7, PM at the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens on Convention Center Drive to plan an all out attack on the City for not showing they give a damn and enforce the laws. Beach cleanups and education is great but without ENFORCEMENT it is a waste of time.

Show respect for the beach-if you're not part of the solution you're part of the problem. 


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'Testing the Waters' Press Conference




Yo my brothers and sisters, if you've got the time, please swing by the Rowing Club and attend the Press Conference, it is a bilingual event!  We'll be rolling out the Natural Resources Defense Council's 2008 'Testing the Waters' report (link goes to 2007 report - 08' report available at press conf.), a complilation of all the water testing done over 2007.

The report helps point out beaches that are having chronic water quality problems and others doing good.  Big part of the event is to get media attention for the 'Beach Act' which will help States get moola for more and better water testing that can be done in hours rather than days - ya know - learn the water is bad before you surf rather than 2 days after you've surfed.

It's a free event, cafe con leche and pastelitos served.  Our very own Greg Gordon will be speaking on behalf of SFL Surfrider - in both English and Espanol!  Go Greg!

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from: Mon 29 May 17 11:00 pm
Spot st. augustine
canaveral east
ft. pierce
lake worth
fowey rocks
Wed 19 Feb 14 07:00 am
Observation is 28695 hours old
Mon 29 May 17 11:00 pm
Mon 29 May 17 11:00 pm
Mon 29 May 17 11:00 pm
Mon 29 May 17 11:00 pm
Mon 29 May 17 11:00 pm
Wind ----SE (150)
@ 5.9 kt
S (180)
@ 7.8 kt
n/a (n/a)
@ -- kt
n/a (n/a)
@ -- kt
SE (130)
@ 12.2 kt
Atmp/SST ----79 F/76.6 F81.7 F/80.6 Fn/a F/79.9 F82.4 F/82.2 F83.3 F/81.9 F
Significant Waves --------1.3 ft @ 6 sec----
Wind Waves ----0.3 ft @ 3.4 sec1.3 ft @ 4.3 sec1.3 ft @ 5.9 sec----
Swell ----1 ft @ 7.7 sec1 ft @ 7.7 sec0.3 ft @ 13.3 sec----
from: 930 pm edt mon may 29 2017
Synopsis: ....southeasterly flow will gradually become more dominant early this week, though speeds should generally be 15 kt or less. seas will remain 4 feet or less through the week. thunderstorm chances will increase for the latter half of the week. .gulf stream hazards...none. the approximate location of the west wall of the gulf stream as of may 29, 2017 at 1200 utc... 6 nautical miles southeast of fowey rocks. 12 nautical miles east of port everglades. 11 nautical miles east southeast of lake worth. 14 nautical miles east of jupiter inlet. this data courtesy of the naval oceanographic office.
__/(__/(__/(__( rest of tonight tuesday tuesday night wednesday
windsoutheast 10 to 15 knotseast southeast 5 to 10 knotseast southeast 10 to 15 knotseast southeast 10 to 15 knots
seas 2 to 3 ft 2 to 3 ft 2 to 3 ft 2 to 3 ft


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